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[原声音乐] 原声大碟 -《神秘博士 第九季》Doctor Who: Series 9 (2018) [FLAC]

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艺人:Murray Gold
唱片公司:Silva Screen Records
专辑风格:原声 Soundtrack

The album features selections from the original music of the show’s ninth season composed by Murray Gold (Death at a Funeral, Torchwood, Shameless, Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil), including the complete scores from the episode Heaven Sent and the Christmas Special, The Husbands Of River Song.

disc 1
1 The One in a Thousand        
2 Davros Remembers        
3 Message from Missy        
4 Meeting in the Square        
5 Finding The Doctor        
6 What Have You Done        
7 Davros Approaches        
8 Some Kind of Submarine        
9 The Ghosts        
10 The Bootstrap Paradox        
11 Finding The Fisher King        
12 Another Ghost Has Appeared        
13 We Need to Get Back to The TARDIS
14 Directions from The Ghosts        
15 Something in the Spacesuit        
16 Two Days on a Longboat        
17 I Am Ashildr        
18 In a Way, She's a Hybrid        
19 I Call Myself Me        
20 They Need Us        
21 The Last Thing We Need        

disc 2
1 Deep Cover        
2 Just Come Inside        
3 This is Not a War        
4 Defending The Earth        
5 The Morpheus Song        
6 Saving Rigsy        
7 Madam Mayor        
8 Running from the Raven        
9 Death is Locked In        
10 Face the Raven        
11 Back Home        
12 The General's Regeneration        
13 A Duty of Care        
14 Clara's Diner        

disc 3
1 A Second Shadow        
2 The Veil        
3 A Fly on a Painting        
4 A Change of Clothes        
5 A Mechanical Maze        
6 Digging a Grave        
7 Tell No Lies        
8 Two Events in Life        
9 Waiting for the Veil        
10 The Final Room        
11 One Confession Away        
12 Break Free        
13 Same Old Day        
14 The Shepherd's Boy        

disc 4
1 Carol Singers will be Criticised
2 A Dying Husband        
3 The Finest Surgeon in The Galaxy        
4 The Halassi Androvar        
5 The Husbands of River Song        
6 The TARDIS Can't Take Off        
7 Time to Do it Properly        
8 Harmony and Redemption        
9 Hydroflax in The TARDIS        
10 Whole Again at Last        
11 All the Firewalls in The Galaxy        
12 A Restaurant with a View        
13 The Woman He Loves        
14 The Singing Towers



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