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[強恬] ゞ僮半募溺〃Lady Bloodfight (2016) [1080P]

窟燕噐 2017-1-12 00:56:08 | 塋照何促蚊 |堋響庁塀

擬處: 針戦帽,追査
園丞: Bey Logan
麼處: Amy Johnston / Jenny Wu / Muriel Hofmann
窃侏: 丞秤 / 強恬
郊圭利嫋: https://www.facebook.com/BxE.Productions/posts/661554583888146:0?stream_ref=9
崙頭忽社/仇曝: 禪
囂冱: 哂囂
貧啌晩豚: 2015-11-15 / 2016-05-11 (蟋追窮唹准隈忽)
頭海: 99蛍嶝(蟋追)
得蛍IMDb 5.8/狭郁 5.6

  Jane is a beautiful but troubled American girl backpacking her way through Hong Kong. When she successfully fends off
  three thugs trying to rob her, it draws the attention of Shu, a Wudang champion, who is impressed by her raw street
  fighting abilities. Shu recruits Jane and trains her to fight in the vicious, all-female, underground martial arts tournament
  known as ^The Kumite. ̄
  After months of rigorous preparation, Jane is ready to face off against the deadliest female fighters in the world, including Ling, the apprentice of
  Shu¨s nemesis, Wai, a Shaolin master. Other nefarious forces also lie in the shadows, taking Jane on a journey through the gritty underworld of
  Hong Kong as she fights to be named the best female fighter in the world.



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