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[恐怖] 《谢丽》Shelley (2016) [720P/1080P]

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导演: Ali Abbasi
编剧: Ali Abbasi / Maren Louise Käehne
主演: 艾伦·多丽特·彼得森 / 考斯米娜·斯特拉坦 / Peter Christoffersen
类型: 剧情 / 恐怖
制片国家/地区: 丹麦 / 瑞典
语言: 丹麦语 / 英语
上映日期: 2016-02-14(柏林电影节)
片长: 92分钟
又名: Shelley
评分:IMDb 6.7/豆瓣 5.7

  Louise and Kasper, a Danish couple, live in an isolated villa in the middle of the forest away from modern life, technology and even electricity. Louise's biggest dream is to become a mother but she is unable to have children. She finally decides, out of desperation, to seal a pact with her Romanian maid, Elena. Elena accepts to bear Louise's child as a surrogate mother in exchange of a large amount of money. The life growing inside of her is taking shape too fast, affecting the lives of everyone like an evil force. Paranoia and horror sets around the inevitable birth...



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